In my family, when the sun goes down, our hair goes up!
    My brother slips a durag over his locs.
    Sis swirls her hair in a wrap around her head.
    Daddy covers his black waves with a cap.
    Mama gathers her corkscrew curls in a scarf.
    I always wear a bonnet over my braids, but tonight I can't find it anywhere!


    BEDTIME BONNET is the first-ever children's book to celebrate durags,
    wave caps, bonnets, wraps, and other Black hair nighttime rituals. In
    this first-of-its-kind debut picture book, a little girl and her
    family get their hair ready for bed. Bedtime Bonnet gives readers a
    heartwarming peek into quintessential Black nighttime hair traditions
    and celebrates the love between all the members of this close-knit
    multi-generational family.

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