• Nancy On-Air

    I've made international headlines and anchored conversations with hundreds of thought leaders and celebrities. Here's a small sampling of some of the fun!

    Steve Harvey

    1 minute

    Nancy & Steve have fun riffing on love, work, and play.

    Queen Latifah

    2 minutes

    The ladies laugh about both being on Who Wants to be.a Millionaire!

    So-Me TV

    10 minutes

    I was the "mom" panelist on this FOX series!

    Sesame Street

    1 minute

    Ever wonder why Oscar the Grouch lives in a trash can?

  • Nancy's Books

    I've written many award-winning and best-selling fiction and non-fiction books for all ages.

    Here's a few of 'em!

  • Click below for some of Nancy's latest media moments celebrating her new children's picture book,

    her many nonfiction books, and more.


    Keke Palmer and Nancy kiki about the book, Black hair, and their love of bonnets!


    Weekend Edition featured Nancy & her amazing illustrator Nneka Myers!


    PEOPLE magazine did an exclusive on Nancy, her mom, her daughter, and her bonnet!


    Watch this hilarious chat about BEDTIME BONNET!


    The fab Keyaira Boone wrote a touching piece about BEDTIME BONNET!


    The Grio called BEDTIME BONNET "The Best Children's Book of 2020," woo hoo!


    Lovely Funmi Fetto mentions BEDTIME BONNET whilst extrapolating on cover girl Rihanna's couture durag!


    From La Mer to Dr. Jart, Nancy's sheet mask review in the Sunday paper is full of great buys!


    Nancy chatted with Kathie Lee & Hoda about her photographic guidebook, PREGNANCY, OMG!


    After writing about the end of the Miss America swimsuit competition, Nancy judged the 2019 Miss America show.


    Nancy shared an excerpt of her latest nonfiction book, PREGNANCY, OMG! with TIME.


    Hi! A longer bio is in the works, but basically...


    I’m a professional talker, writer, & shopper.


    As a talker, I’m an award-winning, seasoned on-air talent with game shows, talk shows, news & entertainment shows, and hundreds of one-on-one celebrity interviews behind my belt. I've grilled Oscar the Grouch about his trash can, bonded over hair bonnets with Queen Latifah, and given my opinion on kid leashes, spankings, sports bras, and more. (Click here for clips.)
    As a writer, I’m a USA Today and New York Times best-selling author, with multiple books published for children, teens, and adults.
    As a shopper, at The New York Times, I'm the health, beauty, and grooming expert for our product review vertical, Wirecutter. I shop for the best products and then I bathe, vacuum my hair, and take care of my skin. It is a dream beat and I work with some of the most incredible people in the world.
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